Jiujitsu 201: From Blue Belt to Black and Beyond!

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Ok, so you survived. 

You made it to your Blue belt... Now What? 

If you've never heard of the "Blue Belt Blues"... it's a thing. There's a reason blue belts tend to be the missing persons of jiu-jitsu. Jiujitsu is hard enough and for many people, achieving the blue belt is the end of the road. 

The reasons blue belts quit are plenty. Most of it has to do, however, with not necessarily understanding where to go from here. 

As a white belt, all you had to do was survive. And now, you're expected to do more than survive... You're actually expected to know some jiu-jitsu. 

I wrote my latest book, Jiujitsu 201 because I wanted to help my blue belt students overcome those "blue belt blues" and find their way to the next milestone (The Purple Belt AKA "The Fun Belt"). And in order to do this, we had to go beyond just showing up to practice and provide more focus and more direction.