Adversity is an Opportunity to Improve

Just over one month into quarantine and it's been a surreal experience to see how everyone is handling the situation. 

Personally, I run a school full time so most of my social network is my students or other Jiu-jitsu practitioners. It's been inspiring to see some of my students get after it. They've created training dummies out of pillows and backpacks. They have been working out in their garages or living rooms. They have been neck-deep with instructional content, hands and forearms antsy to choke someone out when the day comes to return to the mats. 
This, however, doesn't categorize everyone. 
A lot of people have used this time to sit back, do nothing, complain and wait it out. This could never be me. 
And I hope it isn't you, either. 
If Jiu-jitsu has taught me anything, it's that adversity is an opportunity for improvement. 
Since day one of stepping onto the mats, I have encountered adversity. My first sparring session, in fact, was a 16 year old kid whooping me despite my 60lb size advantage. This adversity was fuel for me to continue and explore the amazing art of Jiu-jitsu. 
My desire to be better everyday has never waned and now, more than ever, I feel that desire to improve. 
Things may never get easier, but you will be better if you put in the time and make the most out of the challenges that lie ahead. 

Don't squander these obstacles.
If you're still training, leave a comment below.